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  • Puffco Peak

    Get the most out of cannabis concentrates with this smart electronic vaporizer.
    • Portable smart e-rig
    • Sesh Mode
    • Superior water filtration
    • 30 dabs when fully charged
    • Only two hours charging time
    • Removable ceramic bowl and glass stem
    • Four heat settings
  • The Puffco Plus V2 boasts an impressive range of features in a sleek and compact design.
    • Vape Pen
    • Adjustable Temperature
    • Vape Kit
    • Direct Draw Vaporizer
    • Analog Vaporizer
  • Similar to its predecessors, The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer has the ability to be used with dry herbs or with concentrates, and now features the classic balloon inhalation system, and is now compatible with a whip attachment for a more concentrated hit!


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